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exploring the akashic

The Akashic Records can be described as the energetic archive of your soul's journey through time, across all lifetimes, since its inception. 



Access wisdom, guidance, support

In the Records, we're able to access wisdom, guidance and energetic support from your Spiritual Team--Masters, Teachers, & Loved Ones, to help you navigate this lifetime with more clarity & direction.

Ask. Connect. Receive.

Ask your questions surrounding the clarity you desire.

Connect with your guides. With divinity. With your higher self.

Receive the divine messages your guides have for you.

Curious about receiving a reading?

One 30 minute reading.


1 Reading

Three 30 minute readings.


3 Readings Package




Megumi was the fourth medium to read Akashic Records for me and I am so grateful for her guidance and insight. The way Megumi held space, received information and asked for insights let me feel safe, seen, connected and inspired. I am still using that guidance to this day. Thank you Megumi! May be time to book another session soon! (And that’s the first time I’ve wanted a repeat...)

Deb Jensen