dancing into your divinity

Femme! Is an All Inclusive, Safe Space for Emotional Healing on a Primal Level


A celebration of the human form

Femme! is a movement experience that passionately fuses sensual movement, dance, meditation, creative visualization and celebration of the human form. Femme! is inspired by African, Tribal and Free Dance interwoven with the somatic and primal healing arts. Femme! creates sacred, safe spaces and invites everyone to reclaim and boldly display their power.

A place of catharsis and empowerment

Femme! guides participants through a series of sensual expressions to unleash their physical power and discover release. Set to live drums and uniting elements of dance and meditation, Femme! participants take an emotional tour through joy, rage, and more to reach a place of catharsis and empowerment.

Explore and expand emotions

Set to live drums, a Femme! class takes participants through a tour of their emotions, where they explore and expand the physical elements of those emotions through dance, meditation, and other movements. Built on a heart-rate system, Femme! starts out slow and gently builds to a peak—physically and emotionally—before coming down. Touch, vocalizations, and a live drum circle ease the transitions along this journey and build community.

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